Garage Doors
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Doors are a significant part of the aesthetics of a home, providing a visitor with a first impression of the house.

When purchasing a new home or renovating an old one, making sure that the structure appears visually pleasing is quite important. After all, nothing brings the look of a home together like doors.

A home with matching garage and entry doors creates a visually consistent design for your home. This is made even further apparent if both doors face the street, giving passersby a good look at them. Wondering what you should do to make them feel as cohesively designed as possible?

Here’s how you can pair your front & garage door aesthetics and the pratfalls to avoid when approaching the matter.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Matching Your Front And Garage Doors

1. Materials

Do: Consistency is key when choosing materials to construct your doors with. Ideally, both your front and garage doors should be made using similar, if not the same, materials. This, in conjunction with the materials used to build the house itself, will give you a good idea as to what works and what doesn’t.

The good thing about doors being made of slightly different materials is that they can bring an interesting visual contrast to your home. That said, it’s often more difficult to match materials than it is to match colours.

Don’t: You should avoid using materials that haven’t already been used on the house unless you’re going for a particularly striking look.

2. Colours

Do: It’s usually a good idea to choose the same colour scheme for both doors, although you can experiment and come up with unique looks.

When picking the right colour for both doors, consider the colour scheme of your home before you reach a final decision. The overall colour palette of your home makes all the difference, and the reverse is true as well.

Contrast is what makes a colour scheme work, and if your home features a darker colour palette, you can’t go wrong with picking a lighter colour door. And a darker-coloured door stands out in a house with a lighter colour scheme. 

Don’t: Rush into picking a colour without looking into complementary colour tables. Any colour you pick must complement that of your home well, and these tables will allow you to know if it would match or not.

3. Door Styles

Do: Metal accents, windows, glass panels- there’s plenty you can do in order to create a stylish pair of doors for your home. As it was with materials, consistency remains instrumental in creating a cohesive visual language for your home. You can make a statement with the striking appearance of your doors, with their shared styles. 

If you’re not sure how a particular door style would look, you can consult a local door manufacturer to form a final decision.

Don’t: Mixing and matching door styles is typically not pleasing to the eye, so be mindful of that. After all, having a door with plenty of metal accents and one without any may give a messy look to your home.


While it largely depends on the eye of the beholder, there are a few general visual cues that are universally appealing. The do’s and don’ts listed above adhere to these general cues, and deviating from them can work sometimes, but not always.

In any case, you should always choose the look of entry and garage doors that feels the best to you. There’s no point in having a custom-designed door if you’re not satisfied with it, after all. All you must remember is to experiment with ideas thoroughly before making a final decision.

And for advice on door aesthetics and installations, feel free to contact experts at your local garage door manufacturer today.