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If you’re facing criminal charges, the first thing to do is to look for a reliable criminal lawyer. 

Criminal lawyers, also called criminal defence lawyers, are devoted to defending individuals, firms, and organizations accused of criminal activities. A good criminal lawyer can prove your innocence in court or, at the very least, get the severity of the punishment reduced.

But looking for such a lawyer can be quite complicated, especially since time is limited. That said, we’ve discussed a few things that you should keep in mind when hiring a criminal lawyer for yourself. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the deets!

Things To Learn Before Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

1. Location Of Practice

Criminal lawyers from various provinces are governed by different laws and hold licenses for their respective regions. You should search for a defence law professional with a practice in your area since they will better understand the judicial system prevalent there. 

2. Experience Level

How well a criminal lawyer can represent you in court depends upon their level of experience. An attorney familiar with cases similar to yours may be a better choice and can increase the chances of success significantly. That is why it is crucial to find out the number of years the criminal defence lawyer has worked in the field. 

3. Fee

While you may want to save money when hiring a criminal lawyer, it might ultimately be more costly if the lawyer cannot represent you properly in the court. The fee for the best defence lawyers can be quite high, but going with them increases the likelihood of winning the case. 

To know the fee, you need to find out the payment plan, as some criminal lawyers have a flat rate while others charge hourly. Just make sure that the rate of the lawyer you hire must be in line with your financial strategy. 

4. Reputation

The reputation of a criminal lawyer will provide you with a very good idea about their capability and performance. To learn about that, you will need to get in touch with their past clients, go through online reviews, and even check certain publications.  

Learning about the lawyer’s reputation will prevent you from hiring a controversial one. Generally, going for a lawyer with several satisfied past clients is a wise thing to do. 

5. Availability 

You need to find out when your lawyer can be contacted and will be available to provide updates regarding the progress of the case. This is crucial since some of the best defence lawyers hardly have time to meet their clients. 

The lawyer need not be physically present but should maintain proper communication through email or phone. 

Final Thoughts

A good criminal lawyer can provide a strong defence in court and much-needed support when you are stressed due to the criminal charges levied against you. And in many instances, they can even convince the prosecution to accept an out-of-court settlement. 

They can also provide additional services, such as petition filing, dispute resolution, negotiating plea bargains, etc. To learn more about the services offered and how they can be helpful, sign up for a consultation with a reliable defence lawyer today!