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Renovating your home is fantastic, but will it make your place worth more money? Let’s break it down to see how home changes affect its value. According to a home remodelling company, here are some ways to see how home renovation affects its value.

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After Renovation Value (ARV)

Knowing about After Renovation Value (ARV) is good when fixing up your place. ARV is like figuring out your home’s worth after all the changes. It’s simple – you add the cost of your renovations to what your home is worth now. Doing this helps you see how much more your home might be worth after the fixes.

Neighborhood Comps

Think about your neighbours and what they got for their homes –what we call “comps.” Knowing what similar homes in your area sold can tell you much about what your home might be worth after renovations. It’s like comparing notes with your neighbours to determine how much your home could increase in value. Keep an eye on those comps for a smart move.

Home Size and Usable Space

Size matters when it comes to your home’s worth. Bigger homes usually get more money in the real estate game. Think of it like this – the price for each square foot can change significantly, affecting how much your whole place is worth. So, when planning changes, consider how big your home is and how you use the space to ensure it’s a good investment.

Age and Condition

Your home’s age and condition matter when it comes to value. If you’ve got an older place, upgrading can boost its worth. Things like a finished basement or a spiffy new kitchen can make a big difference. So, when planning changes, consider how they can improve your home’s condition and increase its value.

Cost vs. Value Report

Check out the Cost vs. Value report – it’s almost a home makeover manual. This report will inform you about the remodel projects that provide much value for money. It deconstructs the price of a job, whether it adds much value when you sell and what part of that cost can be reclaimed. It is a very convenient tool to determine what renovations are worth investing in.

Calculate the ROI

It means the Return on Investment. You can quantify the return on investment based on the cost of your renovation and what it adds to its value. This allows you to calculate whether the investment will be very profitable. This calculation gives you a good idea about the expected gain that can be realized from your house improvement.


Increasing the value of your home is just a matter of making educated decisions. Based on the age and condition of your home, refer to the Cost vs. The Value report for renovation insights and calculate the ROI every time. These issues will help you determine the kinds of renovation that will likely add much value to your home. Hiring the right professionals will give your home a new look, increase its value, or simply improve your living space. It is essential to note that your home can be a great asset, so with some creative renovations, you may make it worth even more.