Consultation With Your Lawyer
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The initial consultation with any lawyer is significant in deciding whether they are right for you and the case in question. 

Besides being accused of a crime, there are several other reasons why you may need to consult an attorney. These include drafting a will, reviewing contractual papers, and filing a lawsuit. However, not every lawyer can be a perfect fit, and that’s why the initial consultation becomes so important.

You can get a free initial consultation with most lawyers but you should be well prepared  to figure out if you can work together. And here’s how to do that:

Things To Prepare For An Initial Consultation

1. Prepare Questions

Similar to the way you make a list of questions before visiting the doctor, knowing what to ask your lawyer will streamline the initial consultation. This will ensure you remember what you need to ask. Moreover, carrying a notepad and pen to write down important details during the discussion is equally important.  

2. Gather All Important Documents

Organize and gather all documents that are relevant to the particular case or legal issue. Even though you may not have any court papers at hand, producing evidence like certificates, call transcripts, messages, letters, audio recordings, or video will suffice. If your lawyer has more information to work with, they can come up with better solutions for your issue. 

3. Don’t Keep Secrets

You need to be very transparent about your situation and demands with your lawyer. If the lawyer is unaware of facts that can be potentially incriminating, they might not be able to defend you properly. These include things that are otherwise too shameful to admit. 

4. Prepare Copies Of Your Documents

Most lawyers do not accept original documents, therefore, having copies at hand is very important. After all, you don’t want to waste precious consultation time by making them photocopy the documents at their office. Some lawyers also prefer receiving documents via email, so be prepared with a good-quality scanner.

5. Be Ready To Pay Consultation Fee

While some lawyers offer free consultation, others charge at their usual hourly rate. It is also important to note that free consultation is often limited to a short time, like 30 minutes, so it is advisable to contact the office beforehand and get a fair idea about the charges to stay prepared. If you wish to pay by cash, withdraw it beforehand or carry your cheque or card.

Final Words

Going for an initial consultation with a lawyer can sometimes be daunting, especially if the case is severe or sensitive. However, properly preparing and organizing relevant information can make the process smoother and stress-free. And with the right lawyer, you can achieve all your realistic legal goals. 

So, contact a reliable lawyer or solicitor to discuss your case further.