Afraid of Change
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Changes happen in life and can be positive or negative. People experience changes in careers, education, relationship, or lifestyle. No matter the changes, it is normal to feel some anxiety. Here are reasons why many people are afraid of change.

  1. Uncertainty

Changing a career or locating a new place is intimidating because you do not know what will happen. People will prefer to stay at their current level even though they are no longer growing. It is because they cannot predict the effect of the change. 

So people pick the most accessible way: to remain in their comfort zone. However, overcoming the fear of the unknown and taking risks is essential. Changes can be a better opportunity to learn and grow. 

  1. Fear of loss of control

When you are at your comfort level, the tasks are more manageable, and you have an established routine. When done repeatedly, this routine gives us a sense of control as we are used to doing it. Changing the routine causes the disruption of what you are used to doing. 

The thought of losing what you are used to causes fear. It could cause people to hold on to their jobs or current status rather than embrace the change. 

  1. Fear of failure 

Some people fear committing to something that might not bring the desired results. Although failure is part of life, people fear the feeling of loss of something impactful in their lives. Therefore when there are changes, they think about the worst-case scenario. Some people feel like they are bound to fail, even though there is a chance of succeeding. It can hold a person back from making a giant leap to an improved way of life. 

  1. Fear of starting again 

Starting again is challenging, especially if you have established yourself in your career or any aspect of life. Sometimes change involves beginning again, which may not work well for some people. It means dealing with new challenges and working again towards a new goal. 

The fear of putting in all that effort again will discourage someone from embracing change. However, embracing change and starting from scratch enables us to learn and grow in different aspects. 

  1. Fear of letting go

Sometimes when you are used to your life, it is difficult to accept change. It is because you have built an identity with your life and community. Changing your career, town, or another part of your life becomes intimidating. 

However, you never know what you will find and what changes could bring to your life. That is why it is important to accept change when it comes. 

Final words 

Overcoming our fears to accept change is not as simple as it sounds. It requires a person to find the innate strength to accept change. When you have a life-changing decision, identify the reason holding you back and work on it. If you find it difficult, get professional counseling to process the change and learn how to cope.