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If you are considering signing up for krav maga, you may wonder if you are ready for such self-defense training. You might also be unsure what to expect in the course. The first you should know is that krav maga is for everyone. Man, woman, military or civilian, can get krav maga training, whether you have any fighting experience. But you have to prepare yourself before beginning the classes. This blog shares 8 tips on preparing for this self-defense training.

Tip #1. Adjust your diet

You need a change of diet if you can’t remember when you last ate freshly cooked vegetables or fruits. It is time to change if all you eat is fast foods with too much processed sugar. An improper diet will make it difficult to do the krav maga exercises. Start adding fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in protein to your diet before you begin the classes. The change in diet will be evident in a short while. You will feel the difference in your body once the effect starts to kick in.

Tip #2. Be prepared for bruises

Krav maga is a self-defense discipline. In training like this, bruises are something you should expect. Aches are also common in the first few times, and you will feel pain in some areas caused by too much strain from the training. 

Tip #3. Hard work and consistency are important requirements

Like all worthwhile endeavors, krav maga is demanding. Be prepared for some mental and physical strain. The exercise will test your limit, and you must be prepared to remain consistent. Only through hard work and consistency would you begin to adapt to the system. Staying committed to the training will produce early results. Missing classes will prolong the process, making the training less efficient. 

Tip #4. Expect the training to affect other areas of your life

Krav maga and other self-defense disciplines are known to offer other benefits apart from the goal. They boost self-confidence, problem-solving skills, and general well-being. They also make you gain a more positive outlook on life in general.

Tip #5. Attend a class to watch

Visit a class just to watch. It helps you gain a real sense of what you are about to begin. You’ll know what to expect from your instructor and what happens in a class.

Tip #6. Watch YouTube videos

YouTube videos show you the basics of what to expect. So it is recommended that you check them out. Watching videos relieves you of any anxiety you may have about the training. You’ll be able to see some basic moves and maybe, start practicing before you enroll for classes.

Tip #7. Research 

In addition to watching videos, reading and learning all you can about krav maga also helps. It gives you a sense of familiarity with the training and makes you feel prepared. 

Tip #8. Take a friend with you

If you are unsure about the training, asking a friend to go with you can alleviate the nervousness. If you have any friends who are interested in learning self-defense, invite them to join you.