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When it comes to crime, the world is full of that. That is why criminal law is designed by the user that offers you justice against any crime. It is impossible for a person to fight against these laws alone, which is why they need criminal laws. Criminal law serves several unique purposes and benefits to society. 

Functions of Criminal Law

There are several functions that a criminal law serves in society in different ways-

  • They help maintain order and let people know what to expect from others.
  • With the help of this law, you can resolve disputes and conflicts among citizens. But make sure you are hiring the best criminal lawer winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Criminal law even protects people from criminals who may cause physical harm or take their goods.
  • Criminal law even lets the government collect taxes and accomplish socially beneficial tasks. It even protects individual rights too.

How does it keep the public safe?

Allow order to be maintained

When there is proper law, it will ensure everyone is following the law and is maintained. Maintenance is quite an essential process. Disputes are likely to arise anywhere and are pretty normal for the person. Things can become ugly and turn into violent conflicts, but when there are proper rules and laws, they can be neglected.  

More safety for the citizen

Having criminal law will also ensure the safety of the citizens. People often make small mistakes, such as speed limits, but that can cause risk to their life because of a road accident. That is why speed laws are made so people will not make any mistakes. In addition, there are potential criminals that will make the world a better place.

Promote discipline

It is essential for a country to have proper discipline among the people, and they should not do anything which will be bad for others or harmful to society. With better criminal laws, it is possible as they can promote discipline, and people do obey them out of fear. It even decreases the rate of criminal activities. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is the importance of criminal law?

Criminal law is essential for the country as it helps in handling the situation in a peaceful way. Furthermore, it will protect the citizens from criminals who harm them physically. Not just that, it even protects the property of the individuals from any harm that may happen.

What are the two basic functions of criminal law?

The main functions of criminal law are to maintain the safety of the country’s citizens and to deliver justice to those who may have committed crimes. Basically, it keeps the citizens safe.


From here, you may have got an idea of how critical criminal laws are and how they can be beneficial for the users. When there is a law in the country, people will fear committing any crime because they can get punished, which can be so bad.