Legal Aid
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The legal Aid program provides funding and financial assistance to the territories and provinces to deliver legal aid services to persons who can not afford it. It is for the person who is not financially stable to hire a lawyer. That’s why they seek help from the federal government. This programme ensures that the system remains fair, just and effective for all the citizens of Brampton. 

How to know that I am eligible for legal aid?

There are two things you need to fall under if you want legal aid. First is your annual income, and second is the type of charges you face. These two things must fall under the criterion of legal aid eligibility.

When you apply for Legal Aid, CSO ( Client Service Officer) will be directed towards you, and he will compare your income and assets with your expenses and debts and estimate the remaining money. The officer will tell you whether you can afford a lawyer or you will get into heavy debt in trying to get a private lawyer. 

Following are the things that the Client Services Office will consider:

  • Income
  • Employee insurance policy 
  • Pension income
  • Workers benefits
  • Income from partner

The officer will compare those to your:

  • Daily expenses like food, household supplies and personal things.
  • Mortgage, rent, taxes etc
  • Transport expenses
  • Medical expenses like hospital expenses, dental or medical expenses or drug expenses.
  • Life insurance
  • Regular payments to pay your debt

After calculating all these things, the officer will tell you whether you are financially eligible to get legal aid brampton or not.

What type of matters are covered by the legal aid program? 

Following are the brief descriptions of the matters that are covered by the legal aid program Brampton:

Family matters:

Family matters like divorce, domestic violence, children’s custody or separation comes under the family matters handled by legal aid Canada. 


If you are under the age of 17, you are automatically eligible to get financial aid. 

Criminals matters:

If you are charged with an indictable crime and are financially eligible, you will qualify for legal aid. If you have summary conviction charges against you, you can have legal aid once the lawyer reviews your application and approve your eligibility. 

Traffic crimes:

The legal aid will only be applicable for traffic tickets if:

  • There is a chance of imprisonment
  • If there is a risk that you will lose your job.
  • Special circumstances

Your application will be reviewed by a lawyer who will assess you and your circumstances and will tell you whether you can have legal aid or not.

How to submit your documents to legal aid Ontario (LAO)?

The preferable way for the clients to submit their documents is through LAO. If you are not registered with the client portal, call the Department of Legal Justice at 18006688258 from Monday till Friday (8 am to 7:30 pm).

Does legal aid cover family matters?

It all depends on whether you are financially eligible for legal aid. If yes, you can get help related to domestic abuse, divorce from your husband or wife, or access to children’s support. 


Legal aid is also available for the people who come under Immigration and refusal matters and civil law and administrative tribunal matters. We discussed above how you can be eligible for financial aid. We also discussed how you can submit your application and what types of family matters are covered by legal assistance in Brampton. 

The Canadian government introduces the legal Aid program to support its people at a financial disadvantage so they can have equal access to justice.